Chocolate Drops

Whether you call them drops, fèves, or even chips, these small dark, white, or milk chocolate pieces are an essential ingredient for any amateur or professional chocolatier.

Because they are simple to use, they are a convenient alternative to chocolate bars, quantifying easily, melting faster, and adding greater precision to your recipes.

They are ideal for all kinds of desserts from mousses to gateaux and ice cream, so you are sure to appreciate their versatility.

Chocolate drops

What are chocolate drops?

Chocolate drops come in small rounds of the same size, each usually weighing 2g. At Valrhona, we call them “fèves” and they weigh 3.8g.

They are also called “drops” because they are round and flat. Other names, such as beans or chips, refer to slightly differently shaped chocolate.

This practical format makes them a good choice for all kinds of chocolate recipes and preparations. Chocolate drops are easy to use in all your favorite desserts!

Couverture chocolate often comes in this form, and its cocoa butter content of more than 31% is vital for coating and molding.

What are chocolate drops’ uses?

Drops owe their popularity among chocolatiers and pastry chefs to their great versatility and they can be found in gateaux, sponges, and brioches as well as ice cream, mousse, and fondue recipes.

Couverture chocolate drops help you make very sophisticated desserts using professional techniques such as molding or tempering.

If you can’t wait, chocolate drops can also be enjoyed as they are, so take a bite or let them melt on your tongue.

chocolate drops (white)

Why opt for chocolate drops rather than bars?

Unlike chocolate bars, chocolate drops don’t need to be broken up or ground down.

As well as being easy to use, chocolate drops have the advantage of melting faster and more evenly, saving you time and making your recipes easier.