Valrhona Chef Romain Grzelczyk
Tain l’Hermitage

Romain Grzelczyk

Trainer Pastry Chef, Ecole Valrhona L’École Valrhona

Romain's Bio

After having apprenticed in a small pastry shop, Chef Grzelczyk started working at Philippe Segond's pastry shop, Meilleur Ouvrier de France in Aix en Provence, France, and became chief chocolatier, a position he held for more than ten years.  

In 2011 Chef Grzelczyk arrived at Valrhona, working both in the Chocolate Bonbon Production and the Research and Development departments, where he spent 4 years learning and passing on his knowledge and experience. 

In 2015, Chef Grzelczyk joined the wonderful family of l’École Valrhona as trainer and coordinator of the Research and Development department.