Tain l’Hermitage

Mélanie Morea

Cheffe Pâtissière & Support Technique


Mélanie Moreau hails from Padova, a city located just beside Venice in the Northeast of Italy. With a passion for pastry from a young age, Mélanie studied at the Pietro d’Abano hotel school, eventually earning her baccalaureate in 2016.

She began her professional career immediately afterward, gaining experience in various Italian pastry shops. Wishing to deepen her knowledge of the craft, she decided to pursue professional training at Alma, the International Academy of Italian Cuisine in Parma, where she earned a master's degree in Pastry.

She then went on to work as a pastry assistant at Hangar78 (Silikomart), a pastry school offering training and international internships. It was there that she met pastry chef Jordi Bordas (World Pastry Champion 2011), who gave her the opportunity to work alongside him in Spain for a year.

Bilingual, dynamic, and eager to share her passion for sweet gastronomy, Mélanie joined the team at the Valrhona School in September 2020, as a Pastry Assistant in Tain l’Hermitage. She is now the Pastry Chef and in charge of the hotline.