Tain l’Hermitage

Laura Lamotte



After finishing school, Laura embarked upon an exciting four-year apprenticeship alongside Monsieur Duperray, a pastry chef and chocolate maker in La Clayette in the southernmost part of Burgundy, France. She passed her Pâtisserie diploma with flying colors in 2021. A year later she earned another diploma in Chocolate and Confectionary. The following year she also qualified in Ice Cream Making. Keen to learn as much as possible about the many aspects of culinary arts, she is currently pursuing more in-depth training by studying for a further qualification in pastry-making over the next two years.

She was also chosen to take part in WorldSkills (vocational skills championships) thanks to her meticulous, high-quality work, and won the gold medal for the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in France. Laura also works hard to share her love of what she does on a local level, and enjoys meeting budding pastry chefs who will be shaping the world of tomorrow. The young chef inherited this all-consuming passion for pastry from her mother. Ever since Laura was tiny, they have always whipped up delicious desserts for all their family events together. This family teamwork encouraged her to get involved with enthusiasm, which is a value she instills in the teams she works with.