Jonathan Pereira

Executive Pastry Chef, Mandarin Oriental @jhonnyantony


His pastry journey began in the capital of Puerto Rico. After graduating culinary school in 2011, he started his internship in the renowned restaurant Airenumo in Old San Juan. While working under the tutelage of Chef Mari Blanca, award winning for her dessert and chocolate skills in Madrid and Europe, Jonathan started framing his culinary perspective from a European standpoint.​

​In 2014 he joined the hotel industry working for luxury brands such as The Ritz-Carlton and The Mandarin Oriental, making his way up through the culinary ranks in various locations around the United States including Atlanta, California, Florida and New York, as well as abroad in the city with the second most five-star hotels in the world, the city of Dubai (UAE).​

Working with great chefs like Joey Escobar, Yann Migault, Brandon Malzahn, Paco Roncero and Jean Marie Lanio, was key for his professional growth. His commitment in honing his skills in boulangerie, confectionery chocolate and plated desserts, has allowed him to build his reputation.​

​Traveling the world and meeting other chefs' experts on their respective fields has broadened his gastronomic knowledge and his way of seeing pastry. Ever evolving, his flavor profile have been influenced by his travels to countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Spain and France, honoring their gastronomic heritages.​

Jonathan’s passion for culinary creativity is what drives him to create edible art. His inspiration comes from living in the moment, of what he feels and live everyday, and being able to express his enjoyment for the pastry profession throughout his desserts.