Published on 5/22/23

Valrhona 2022 CSR Report

To remain a pioneer, we have to take action. In 2022, as it was in the previous three years, our entire value chain has been impacted by a very turbulent wider environment. In spite of these many challenges, Valrhona continues to believe that, by acting together today, we will be able to remain pioneers tomorrow. That means working with our employees, chefs and cocoa producers to test new things, experiment, innovate and imagine solutions that will build tomorrow’s world. 2022 also saw Valrhona’s 100th anniversary. For 100 years, we have made ethical commitments embodying Valrhona’s mission: “Together, good becomes better”. This last century has been filled with passion, commitment and a determination to share expertise in order to push back boundaries, particularly in terms of sustainable development. Now, however, everything is moving even faster.

2022 CSR Report

So we can remain a pioneer, Valrhona is stepping up the pace as it creates innovative ethical products and services and gets all our stakeholders involved. Social and environmental responsibility has always been at the heart of our development model. Now more than ever, Valrhona is aware of how its business has a knock-on effect on the environment and is implementing specific actions to reduce this impact.

We hope this report will give you a great overview of all of Valrhona’s commitments and how they have progressed since 2015, in the spirit of absolute transparency.