Komuntu 80%, created with you, for you
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Created with you, for you

To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we have created Komuntu 80% with you. The Komuntu couverture chocolate came to be when a group of ethically-minded people got together to create the ultimate representation of responsibly-made chocolates.

Our whole supply chain has helped create Komuntu 80%'s flavor. Valrhona's 100-year anniversary couverture tells the story of all the people we have met around the world. The blend of cocoas has a singular aromatic character, with a powerful bitter woody flavor underpinned with notes of toasted nibs.

Cocoa raw feves

A responsible chocolate

Komuntu is the physical embodiment of our commitment to a fair, sustainable chocolate industry and creative, responsible gastronomy. We committed to donate 100% of the profits collected in the year of our 100th anniversary (from September 2022 to September 2023) to all of our cocoa producers.

€234,317.60 in profits collected over 1 year thanks to you!

We are celebrating the anniversary of this commitment for which we have collected €234,317.60, and this is all thanks to YOU! Chefs, artisans, and chocolate enthusiasts, by choosing Komuntu, you have joined hands with cocoa producers.

This amount will be divided equally among our 14 cocoa partners for the development of projects to improve the living conditions of communities: education, health, income diversification, and more. Each partner can decide, in collaboration with Valrhona and according to their own needs, which project will be implemented.

In the coming months, we will share with you the progress of all these projects, to which each one of you has contributed!

Komuntu 80% pattern

Let us inspire you

We have shared the past 100 years with expert professionals and chocolate enthusiasts, and they are the ones who have helped make the Komuntu couverture extra-special to mark this anniversary. Through original recipes, they tell us the story of commitment and their expert skills allow them to bring out the best in this intense dark chocolate.

We will be exclusively revealing some of their creations. To discover all the available recipes, please contact your Valrhona representative.