Plated desserts


Made with Caraïbe 66%

An original recipe by Yohan Dutron
Makes 6 centerpieces

4 steps

Recipe Step by Step


Passion Fruit Chocolate

1380g DARK CARAIBE 66%
120g passion fruit purée

Temper the chocolate and add in the tempered purée. Mix the two together using a spatula and use immediately.


Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies

65g European-style butter
45g raw cane sugar
20g eggs
65g bread flour
2g baking powder
55g raw pecans

Soften the creamed butter, add the raw cane sugar, and mix thoroughly.

Incorporate the eggs, followed by the flour and baking powder.

Place the mixture in a 0.4cm ganache frame.

Add the slightly chopped nuts and chocolate chips.

Store in the refrigerator.


Chocolate Marshmallow

610g sugar
200g water
190g invert sugar
45g powdered gelatin (220 bloom)
90g water for the gelatin
270g invert sugar

Cook the sugar, the smaller portion of invert sugar and the water at 230°F (110°C).

In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine the cooked syrup with the remaining larger portion of invert sugar.

Rehydrate the gelatin, melt in a microwave and add to the mixture. Beat until a ribbon forms. While the marshmallow is warm, use a spatula to incorporate the melted chocolate at 140°F (60°C). At 95-105°F (35-40°C), immediately pour the mixture into the frame.

Leave it to set for a few hours at 60°F (16°C).

Use a guitar to cut it into 2 x 2cm cubes.

Coat the marshmallows with tempered chocolate, then roll them in COCOA POWDER. Put the marshmallows in a sifter and shake gently to sift off any excess.

Store at a temperature of 60°F (16°C).


Chocolate & Corn Flake Clusters

115g corn flakes
190gDULCEY 35%

Mix together the tempered chocolate and corn flakes.

Assembly and finishing


CARAÏBE 66% COUVERTURE (as needed)


Coat the Cocoa Pod Molds (Ref. 10842) using some tempered CARAÏBE 66% couverture. Turn out and leave the chocolate to spread for a few moments, then smooth away any excess. Drain the molds by holding them suspended over two rulers. Before the chocolate is completely set, trim away any excess. Leave to set, then refrigerate for a few minutes or leave at a temperature of 60°F (17°C) until the chocolate is ready to slip out of its mold. Make the Passion Fruit Chocolate, then immediately put it in a piping bag with a 12mm nozzle so you can use it to make wide braids the length of your silicone mat. Leave to set. Use a metal-bristle brush to brush down the braids, sprinkle with COCOA POWDER and use a heat gun so they take on an earthy “root” look. Cut your braids to half their length. Make the Cookies, Corn Flake Clusters and diced Marshmallow. Put the Cookies, Marshmallow, Clusters and DULCEY CRUNCHY PEARLS (total weight about 50g) inside a half-pod. Put the pods’ lids in place and stick them on the “roots”. Add some panned nuts and Valrhona Signature Simple Leaf Chocolate Decorations.