Pastry by Lincoln Carson

Pastry by Lincoln Carson

Broaden your vision of cooking and knowledge of pastry with nationally-acclaimed Pastry Chef Lincoln
Carson during this inspiring class.


• Create restaurant-oriented desserts and pastries
• Use techniques both classic and modern to blur the line between savory and sweet
• Prepare ice creams and sorbets, mousses, doughs, and cakes to help realize impactful flavors and presentations
• Get inspiration and insight from one of the industry's top dessert professionals 
• Learn how to incorporate your pastry skills across a menu


Class price includes croissants and coffee in the morning, lunch each day, a class recipe book, apron, travel mug, pen, a professional photographer, as well as all materials, ingredients, and equipment needed for class. In response to Covid the class price no longer includes a group dinner, the class price has been lowered to reflect this change.



During R&D, Chef Lincoln Carson’s eyes were opened to how pastry techniques can be used across multiple disciplines in the kitchen.

Chef Lincoln will share his R&D discoveries and his idea of a “whole menu approach” - with a heavy emphasis on desserts and pastry techniques, showing some of the crossover where techniques, ingredients, and theory can work in both pastry and savory applications. You will discover a new aspect of pastry and cooking, making your own laminated pastries, raised doughs, en croutes, tarts, custards, and glazes with impactful flavors and presentations. This class will help you take your pastry know-how to the next level, while also adding useful crossover kitchen skills to your chef toolbelt.


If you cancel 45 days or more prior to the first day of class, you will be completely refunded. If you cancel within 45 days you will receive a 50% refund or 100% class credit to be used within a year of the cancellation date. If you cancel within one week of the class you will receive a 50% class credit to be used within one year of the cancelation date. 

We do our best to avoid canceling or rescheduling classes, however, please be aware that classes are subject to change due to conflicts, instructor illness, travel issues, etc. We will contact you immediately in case of any date changes or course cancellations. In the case a class is rescheduled or canceled we offer you the choice of a full refund or a class credit to be used within one year of the cancellation date. 

As Valrhona is not responsible for your accommodations we recommend booking refundable forms of transportation and accommodations, so if an unforeseen change occurs you will not be charged. 

Our response to Covid

We will be taking every safety precaution and following all local and CDC guidelines as we prepare for and host these classes beginning in April. The health and safety of our community and team is our first priority, and we will be constantly updating our plans and precautions to ensure maximum safety. We have revised our cancellation policy to be more flexible during these uncertain times. If you have any questions please contact