Devil's Food Cake Recipe
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Devil's Food Cake


Original Recipe by Chef Sarah Botcher

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Chocolate Devil's Food Cake Recipe By Valrhona Meet the Chef  Chef Sarah Botcher

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Devil's Food Cake

383g sugar
260g brown sugar
264g butter
223g egg
75g crème fraîche
450g all-purpose
20g cornstarch
5g baking powder
5g baking soda
3g salt
444g buttermilk 
40g Candied Orange 

Sift flour, cocoa powder, starch, leaveners, salt and set aside.

Beat the cool, pliable butter on medium-low speed until smooth (1 minute).

At a low speed Gradually add the sugar and mix to blend. Scrape, cream to lighten, scrape bowl.

Gradually on low speed add the eggs, and scrape the bowl as needed.

On low speed add the crème fraîche, blend and scrape bowl.

On a low-speed alternate flour (3 additions), buttermilk (2 additions), scrape bowl as needed.

Add chocolate chips and candied orange mix until combined.

Line the length of a Pullman pan with a long strip of parchment covering the edges widthwise, leaving the sidewalls of the pan (lengthwise) unlined lined so the cake can rise with the support of the pan.

Fill the pan with batter, smooth the surface and gently coax batter to the ends of the pan to prevent air gaps. Top with pearl sugar.

Bake 325 degrees convection 35 minutes rotate, 35 minutes.

Assembly and finishing

Devil's Food Cake Recipe

Cool in pan 20 minutes turn cake out by cutting along the sides of the pan (lengthwise) with a serrated knife. Gently turn cake out. Wrap and chill until firm. Slice and serve at room temperature.