Powdered egg whites.

Whipping agent ALBUWHIP

Powdered egg whites.

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Boost whipped stability in your creations with our range of whipping agents.

For optimal results, use this product together with, or instead of, fresh egg whites. Whisking effect 25% stronger and holds 5 times more stable than fresh egg white. Suitable for use with all liquids (preferably aqueous), should be mixed cold, can be frozen and is of animal origin. The texturizing agent is not able to go back to its initial state after it has been activated and its temperature changed. You can use this product to make meringues, macarons, mousses, soufflés, brioches and various cakes. The recommended measure is 80-100g/kg.


Best by:

24 months


Albumin (Eggs and derivative)

Kosher product


Gluten free




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Recommended keep at 15-25 C, in a dry place out of light, in original packaging until use and closed.


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Other feature(s)

Production process: The whipping agents in our range have been designed using specific processes to suit the way they are extracted.

Recommended use: Perfect for making meringues, macarons, mousses, soufflés, brioches, cakes and more.

Powdered egg whites.