Panettone & Viennoiserie Class with Chef Oriol Balaguer

Panettone & Viennoiserie

October 30 - November 1, 2023 - 3 DAYS

Oriol Balaguer

Executive Pastry Chef & Owner, Oriol Balaguer


Brooklyn, NY

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l’École Valrhona is excited to welcome back Chef Oriol Balaguer, one of the best Pastry Chefs in the world! At the age of just 21, Pastry Chef Oriol Balaguer obtained the Award for the Best Pastry Chef in Spain, the start of a series of culinary successes. A few years later (2001), he received the award for the World’s Best Dessert, and more recently, Chef Balaguer was awarded “Best Artisan Croissant in Spain” (2014) and “Best Artisan Panettone in Spain” (2017). 

During this class, Chef Balaguer will take you on a journey of sublime flavors, textures, and aromas. Drawing from his experience owning several types of pastry and chocolate shops in Spain, Chef Balaguer will teach a range of skills to be used in the production of viennoiserie and tea time accoutrements. Chef Balaguer will also share his incredible level of technique required to perfect his panettone, a cake that is notoriously tricky to master. 

World famous for his attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to excellence, Chef Balaguer will pass along his secrets to perfect your bakery creations.  


  • Learn Chef Balaguer’s techniques for flawless croissants and other baked goods utilizing laminated doughs 
  • Discuss with Chef Balaguer his path to creativity, and how everyday occurrences can be a source for inspiration 
  • Produce some of the signature items from the Oriol Balaguer pastry shop  
  • Create bite-sized desserts with exceptional flavor combinations to go accompany afternoon tea 
  • Try your hand at making panettone, learning Chef Balaguer’s tips and tricks for the best texture and flavor 

Class price includes croissants and coffee in the morning, lunch each day, a class recipe book, apron, travel mug, pen, a professional photographer, as well as all materials, ingredients, and equipment needed for class. In response to Covid the class price no longer includes a group dinner, the class price has been lowered to reflect this change.

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Oriol Balaguer was born in Calafell (Tarragona), Spain in 1971, showing a true passion for pastries from a very young age. With his childhood memories, he still has a clear portrait of his father working at the confectioner’s shop while he played at his feet creating miniature imitations of his pastries and sweets. 

After attending the Confectionery Trade School of Barcelona and training at the best pâtisseries in Spain and Belgium, he was hired to work with the team of Ferran Adrià, who defined him as “one of the most well-rounded professionals in the world of gastronomy”. At the age of only 23, he received the distinction of the Best Spanish Artisan Confectionery Master. In 2003, he decided to take a leap forward and demonstrate his creative talent, formidable energy, personal attitude, and critical thinking by creating a brand that would bear his name.

With an outlook inspired by architecture and design, Oriol Balaguer creates sweets and pastries that harmoniously blend refined artisan techniques and the perfect balance of flavors.

As an inventor of new sweet indulgences, in a few short years he has created an exceptional culinary heritage with recipes that combine innovation and quality to meet the high standards of his clientele.

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