Toni Rodriguez, Founder, Toni Rodriguez Academy
Brooklyn, NY

Toni Rodriguez

Founder, Toni Rodriguez Academy @tonirodriguezlv


After becoming vegan in 2004 for ethical reasons, Toni discovered her passion for gastronomy and began researching and developing recipes using only plant-based ingredients. He decided to train by working in vegetarian restaurants, but his concern for research and development of vegan pastry led him to create his own project in 2005, the Lujuria Vegana pastry workshop. 

Parallel to the work experiences between his bakery and vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Mallorca , he combined research and development in vegan pastry to obtain totally new products. He also wrote several 100% plant-based cookery and pastry books in collaboration with the famous food photographer Becky Lawton. 

The desire to share all his knowledge has led Toni to travel to different countries giving courses and advising different companies and restaurants. In 2018 he opened his own school  in Barcelona for training and R&D in vegan pastry:  Toni Rodríguez Academy.