Ko Eun Su, Chocolatier/Owner, Piaf Artisan Chocolatier

Ko Eun Su

Chocolatier/Owner Piaf Artisan Chocolatier September 19-21, 2022 @piaf_artisan_chocolatier


Chef Ko Eun Su majored in computer science and worked as an engineer before becoming fascinated by French artisan chocolates during a trip to Japan 15 years ago.

After taking several courses in France and Japan he started his job as a chocolatier in 2008. 

He ended his career as an engineer to pursue his own chocolates which are elaborate and perfect in tastes, flavors, and shapes.

Chef Ko served as an advisory committee member for ‘Salon cu Chocolat Seoul’ and won 'Blue Ribbon Survey’ awards’ ‘Dessert Chef of the Year' in 2016. 

In Gangnam, Seoul, he runs an adorable chocolate boutique ‘Piaf Artisan Chocolatier’ which was named after French singer ‘Edith Piaf’. His chocolates receive incomparable love by gourmets in Seoul and he has collaborated with numerous luxury brands.

Chef Ko has been teaching chocolate classes for more than 10 years. 

Including many famous Korean dessert chefs, he has trained a lot of chocolatiers in Korea as well.