Artistic Chocolate Showpieces Class

Artistic Chocolate Showpieces

7 June - 9 June - 3 DAYS

Stéphane Tréand

MOF & World Champion in Southern California


Tustin, California

$ 1200 $ 840
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  • Learn each step, from sketch to finished showpiece, to create modern professional chocolate showpieces
  • Discover the tricks to smooth, texture, and shape chocolate, bringing an artistic flare to chocolate
  • Identify various ways to create fast and unique designs including molds and free-hand techniques
  • Explore various finishing techniques such as air brushing, creating chocolate flowers, and advanced decoration techniques


Join award-winning Chef Stéphane Tréand, MOF, for his chocolate showpiece class at his new school in Southern California. Drawing from his extensive knowledge, experience, and innovative techniques, Chef Tréand will teach you different methods to create an eye-catching artistic chocolate showpiece. Using tempered chocolate and specific tools, you will learn how to design and build modern, professional showpieces on a grand scale. Chef Tréand will even demonstrate how to create flowers out of chocolate. 

No matter your level of ability, Chef Stéphane Tréand will be able to challenge you and help you discover your own personal artistic style. 



Class price includes light breakfast and coffee in the morning, lunch each day, a class recipe book, apron, travel mug, pen, a professional photographer, as well as all materials, ingredients, and equipment needed for class. In response to Covid the class price no longer includes a group dinner, the class price has been lowered to reflect this change.



A veteran of the food industry, Stéphane Tréand's pastry journey began in Northern France when his father sent him to work at the local bakery. When he discovered there were so many ways to express himself within the world of “la pâtisserie", he realized his passion for pastry.

Stéphane has held a variety of positions at bakeries and pastry shops in the Paris area, where he learned the fundamentals of French pastry and bakery. In 1989, Stéphane opened his own pâtisserie tearoom “Pâtisserie Tréand,” located in Brignoles in Provence, South of France. Already a food lover, he focused on the quality products that the South offered which gave him freedom to express his creativity.

While running his pâtisserie, Stéphane found another way to share his passion through teaching. In 1994, he decided to become a Pastry Teacher while still running “Pâtisserie Tréand”. In 1999, an apprentice from his shop won the prestigious title of M.A.F., (Meilleur Apprenti de France), “Best Apprentice in France.”

In 2001, Stéphane sold his pâtisserie in order to devote more time to teaching and to pursue his lifetime dream of achieving the title of M.O.F., (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) “Best Craftsman in France” which he achieved in 2004. The title of M.O.F. is the highest honor given by the President of France to a professional in an individual trade.
In 2005, Stéphane was given an opportunity to move to the United States when he accepted the position of Executive Pastry Chef at The Four Seasons Hotel & Resort in Newport Beach, CA and then moved on to the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA.

In 2005, Chef Tréand won the Food Network's “Sugar Daredevils Challenge” in Phoenix, AZ and in 2007 he won the gold medal at the National Pastry Team Championship (NPTC) in Nashville, TN. In 2008, he took the title of World Pastry Champion at the WPTC in Nashville, TN. Pastry Art and Design Magazine named Stéphane one of the Ten Best Pastry Chefs in the US in 2007 and 2008.

Currently, Stéphane is the Executive Chef Consultant for Occitanial, a pastry shop in Tokyo where he took the challenge of creating South of France pastries with a pinch of Japanese sensitivity.

With his superior knowledge and innovative techniques, Stéphane’s dream of living in the US and running his own school has been realized, and he dedicates his time to sharing his passion and love for the Art of Pastry at his The Pastry School in Costa Mesa, CA.


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Our response to Covid

We will be taking every safety precaution and following all local and CDC guidelines as we prepare for and host these classes beginning in April. The health and safety of our community and team is our first priority, and we will be constantly updating our plans and precautions to ensure maximum safety. We have revised our cancellation policy to be more flexible during these uncertain times. If you have any questions please contact 

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