Our Mission

Together, good becomes better

To create a fair and sustainable world of cocoa and inspire pastry that not only looks good and tastes good but also does good, by starting a collective movement which brings together people from all steps of the cocoa journey from the field to the table.


Valrhona, a company committed to working alongside you for an increasingly fair and sustainable world of cocoa and chocolate

We carry out multiple actions brought together in our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Live Long, which consists of four commitments: Live Long Cocoa, Live Long Environment, Live Long Gastronomy, and Live Long Together.


To develop the cocoa and chocolate industries upstream and downstream

Upstream, a major challenge: to improve cocoa production conditions, both for producers (income, living conditions, human rights) and for the environment (forest protection). 
Downstream, a necessary development: to bring out a more responsible gastronomy (good and beautiful but also healthier, transparent, and respectful of humans and the planet).

Succeed in better connecting the two worlds of cocoa and gastronomy

Forging links between the upstream and downstream sectors of the sector, facilitating cooperation between the various players, means acting for chocolate that benefits everyone, and “conscious” gastronomy that combines the good, the beautiful and the well.