Constructing a sustainable business with and for our stakeholders

Building a committed ecosystem

A responsible company cannot exist without its stakeholders being involved in and consulted on its strategic direction and its vision.

Therefore, Valrhona is committed to establishing a regular, quality dialogue with all its stakeholders, so that together, we can build a sustainable company that is a great place to work both in and with. We are particularly keen to listen to and share perspectives with all Valrhona’s employees, so that we can use various training, mobility and inclusion programs as a way of meeting our objectives around development and well-being at work.

This committed approach of collaboration with our stakeholders is essential to our B Corp. labeling process. Historically, we have paid particular attention to it and we wish to promote it through this label.

Our objectives and progress

100% of employees

have a CSR objective in 2020

2% of employees

trained in CSR through "ecodesign" training

78% of employees

think that Valrhona is a good company to work for

100% of sales staff

trained in CSR


Valrhona's mission can only be achieved if its strategy is built and deployed in a logic of co-development and synergy with Valrhona's major stakeholders.

We involve the latter throughout our value chain, taking into account their expectations and the challenges of our businesses, starting with our employees.


Valrhona, as a buyer, has the responsibility to know its industry and to manage the diversity of its supplies.

We are therefore very involved with our suppliers to co-construct a responsible value chain, lasting relationships of trust and an approach of continuous and mutual improvement.

Valrhona's role is to make suppliers aware of tomorrow's issues and responsible practices so that they can accompany the company's transformations.


Valrhona's responsibility is to satisfy all its customers, in their diversity and their requirements.

In addition to a unique and high quality product, Valrhona's 40,000 customers increasingly expect a real accompaniment, and an awareness of the gastronomy of tomorrow.

Valrhona therefore strives to meet their needs by coconstructing a responsible chain right up to the consumer.

Our other pillars