Accompanying our customers towards responsible gastronomy

Commitment to the gastonomy professions

Food is one of life’s great pleasures – sustaining us, transporting us, and bringing us together for shared experiences. But today we’re in the midst of a climate, biodiversity, and public health crisis, crises for which the food system must shoulder significant responsibility.

At Valrhona, we believe that the world of gastronomy can be the source of the solution. Chefs have the ability to create food culture - influencing how what and when people eat. It is this power that can be used to positively impact the planet, our diets, and our future. Increasingly, chefs are taking action to integrate their social and environmental impact into their creations.

Through Live Long Gastronomy, we aim to support them to do so and together create a world of gastronomy that not only looks and tastes good, but that also does good too.


Valrhona Classes

Our objectives and progress

16K people trained

by l'Ecole Valrhona around the world

6 projects carried out by our subsidiaries

in the field of gastronomy

10K people trained

by l'École Valrhona.

Projects carried out by our subsidiaries

Whether in Spain, Japan, China, South Africa, Asia-Pacific or Italy, Valrhona subsidiaries are involved in the field, carrying out projects in partnership with the profession and local associations.

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