Inspiring creative and ethical gastronomy

A creative and ethical gastronomy

At Valrhona, we know that gastronomy is a source of delight. We also believe that how we feed ourselves has an impact on biodiversity, the climate and public health. We believe that chefs have the ability to influence our consumption habits. It is through this power that together we can have a positive impact on our planet, our food and our future.
Increasingly, chefs are taking steps to integrate their social and environmental impact into their creations. We want to support them in this approach and thus create a world of gastronomy that, as well as being good and beautiful, also makes the world a better place.


Valrhona Classes

Our objectives and progress

10,000 people trained

by l'Ecole Valrhona.

92 young people

took part in the Graines de Pâtissier program.

40% young people

started a professional culinary qualification after going through the Graines de Pâtissier program.

New tools for sustainable sweet cuisine

The sweet cuisine sector faces specific sustainability challenges. However, there was no framework for sharing best practices, nor for gathering advice that could guide chefs and pastry makers in their efforts to improve their craft.

In 2021, our ambition was to remedy this. By working with Food Made Good, Valrhona’s official sustainability partner, as well as 30 chefs from 12 different countries, we are proud to have created two support tools for professionals:

  • a guide with practical advice
  • and a self-assessment tool to commit to more sustainable sweet cuisine
New tools for sustainable sweet cuisine

A school and committed chefs

L’École Valrhona is the center of expertise for chocolate and pastry making that brings together the biggest names in sweet cuisine from all over the world. We sustainably promote excellence, innovation and the teaching of its sector expertise. As a group of chef instructors, our ambition is to share our know-how and our vision with our colleagues. Every day, we are committed to promoting creative, inclusive and ethical gastronomy so that, together, we may take action and push back the boundaries of gastronomy.

A school and committed chefs

Our subsidiaries are committed to culinary arts

Whether in Spain, Japan, China, South Africa, Asia-Pacific or Italy, Valrhona's subsidiaries are involved in the field, carrying out projects in partnership with gastronomy professionals and with local associations.

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