NO[I]SE TO TAIL Valrhona Food Forward Festival
Germany Frankfurt On 9/4/22

What if the future wasn’t about eating diverse foods but about eating food in its ENTIRETY?

With its skyscrapers and paradoxes, its gray skyline and powerful financial district, Frankfurt embodies a certain idea of unabashed globalization. But it’s also one of the most forward-thinking cities when it comes to alternative food. In plain sight, just beneath the concrete surface lies an impressive ecosystem of artisans, chefs and cooks ultra-committed in the Slow Food movement and craft culture. Ideas like frugality and “zero waste” are well digested among the general public. This forward-thinking mentality makes Frankfurt the leading German city in “nose to tail” cooking: products used whole, from the stem to the seeds. And now it’s time to make some noise, and let the world know!