MIDDLE-EAST RISING Valrhona Food Forward Festival
United Arab Emirates Dubaï On 11/6/22

At a time when Levantine and Middle Eastern cuisine is booming, pastry shops have been waiting for their time to reinvent themselves. Beware, the Orient is waking up...
For a few years now, the gastronomic scene has been in full renaissance.
The wind is blowing in the East, from the Balkans to India, through the Caucasus, Tel Aviv, Bucharest and the banks of the Nile and the Tigris.
A wind so strong and powerful that several chefs, such as Ottolenghi, Reem Kassis or Samin Nosrat, are in the process of writing the new classics of world cuisine.
This interest in Middle Eastern cuisine does not only lie in savory specialties: today, pastries are taking their slice of the cake. With new interpretations, cultural blends, increased refinement and creativity, desserts are in the spotlight, offering new colors and pleasures.
Dubai naturally embodies - and to perfection - this revival of Levantine and Middle Eastern cuisine.