A TRIBED CALL BREAD Valrhona Food Forward Festival
Italy Milan On 10/9/22

Italy took its time, but at last, one can eat a good piece of Italian hearty bread without the need to smother it in olive oil to give it some taste. And this changes everything.
While Italy is known for the quality of its pasta, while it harbors the finest wheat and rice in Europe, while its expertise in flour milling is among the best in the world; its bread, let's be honest, has always been pretty average. But change is on the horizon. Crusty, chewy, radical change.
Artisan flours, time, long rise, fermentation, regional distinctive character... taste. The whole bakery scene is being turned on its head. In an unprecedented mix and match of sweet and savory, bakers and chefs from Milan and beyond, all gathered around to rewrite everything you might have previously thought when it comes to bread.