Spearheading conscious cuisine for passionate professionals and foodies alike, we have chosen to celebrate our 100th anniversary by looking to the future thanks to a world tour that is also a tour de force:


A multi-chef, multi-venue, multi-talent and above all multi-commitment performance. At each stage, a theme directly related to the future of gastronomy is addressed: reconnecting to the Earth, zero waste, blue foods, ultra-local and urban agriculture, new baking, the ice cream revolution, the revival of North African pastries, cooking according to solar cycles, and more. These unprecedented questions call for groundbreaking answers. Chefs, ice-cream makers, artisans, farmers, mixologists, winemakers, brewers and other creative pioneers from each country will be able to express their vision of avant-garde and committed gastronomy. Changing the paradigm, creating surprise, bringing inspiration: the movement is underway.

It will all begin in Tain l’Hermitage in July. From September it will travel to Frankfurt, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Dubai and finally Shanghai, where the Food Forward Festival will end in November. On the menu: new venues that embody our vision of the gastronomy of tomorrow, and whose culinary programming will reflect the spirit of the event; dinners where the sensory experience is fueled by inspired and inventive personalities who collaborate, experiment and innovate by choosing different ingredients, recipes and techniques; welcoming tables where people can meet and mingle in a festive atmosphere. In order for the Valrhona Food Forward Festival to thrive, we called on the GRAND CUISINE agency to design the festival. This agency is working hand in hand with GELINAZ!, the international think tank of avant-garde cooks, and L'École Valrhona to celebrate the Maison’s 100th anniversary.